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Drawing: Saikyou Mangaka wa Oekaki Skill de Isekai Musou Suru CHAPTER LIST

Drawing: Saikyou Mangaka wa Oekaki Skill de Isekai Musou Suru:

Akira Kamishiro was a very successful manga author, who was diagnosed with blood cancer one day. He regretted the way he lived, where he could only build up empty relationships. Angry at his mother for asking him to send her some money, he died in a car accident. He was given a chance to choose his new mother and reincarnate in another world. Akira, not wanting to have a repeat of his past life, decided to choose an ordinary but safe life.. He was reincarnated as Akira, the only son of a magic store, with his previous life’s memories. He had no talent for swordsmanship or magic, but he didn’t care as he was still loved by his family. At one point, he realized that he can embody various things by “drawing a picture”. That’s when he noticed his cheat ability…!? This is a story of Akira who wanted to live a mediocre life in another world and his adventures to protect his peaceful place!!


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